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Sidebar picture and corner picture belong to me.
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Nezumi in No.5. It’s supposed to be a part of something bigger but since I don’t know when I’ll do the whole thing, I’m gonna post this for now. It’s doodle-y and crappy but for some reason I kinda like it *shrug*

al0neness replied to your post: I remembered I never posted this… Ai n…

so cuTE you’re so talented omg ;_;

Ah.. Thank you! I’m kinda art-blocked at the moment so it’s much appreciated! ^^’

I remembered I never posted this… Ai needs more love.

Somehow drawing those two dorking around was what i needed at the moment.

Long overdue Birthday Shion for thesexymaid! This is so ridiculously late, I’m so sorry ._. I didn’t manage to lay my hands on a scanner after all but I did manage to take a decent photo and color it digitally. Hope you still like it! *throws more flowers*

Happy Birthday Dracze! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Zuko’s baby dragon aka Ms. Teapot (shut up it’s adorable headcanon name okay) aggresively noms on daddy’s topknot. She prefers him with his hair down. This is going to become a serious problem when she grows up.

/lies on the floor while “you are my sunshine” plays on repeat/

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Free! doodles I dug out today. Ai, fem!Ai, Rin giving someone bedroom eyes, Haruka being five, and some Makorin teasing~