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So I’ve figured it’s time to make a blog reserved for sexy things. Aka nsfw art blog. Here, please enjoy. Many relieved thanks to dracze who came up with a decent URL. My alternative was “baragaricals” and I’ll have you know that I have some shreds of dignity left, so yeah, it wasn’t going to happen.

Turned out I really enjoy drawing Makoto x mer!Haru. (Also thesexymaid suggested drawing him in a princess crown and a dress in reference to the last post and drama CD and how could I resist) Click for full view and a description!

Prince Charming Makoto uses True Love’s Kiss on the Mermaid Prince Haruka who was put under a spell by the evil witch Kyoani  It’s super effective.

derrierebender, it was your birthday yesterday, right? So, Happy (belated) Birthday! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Okay so. Um. I caught up on Zankyou no Terror today and. I swear that for a fleeting second I wanted to draw ZnT fanart but then it kind of. Hit me that Lisa’s outfit reminds me of the one that Safu wore in No.5. And. I drew this in the heat of a moment okay. And I’m posting this in the heat of the moment too alright. This is just like a super messy sketch slapped onto the lovely texture by monxcheri @ dA and a bit of coloring.

In HONOR of Jeeko Week that’s ending today with prompt Modern AU. Inspired by two weeks of internship at the vet, I brought to life grumpy vet Jee and his young and full of.. enthusiasm… intern, Zuko.

They start getting along after someone brings a cat (no, not this one) and wants it put down because it misbehaved, like, scratched a baby. Jee’s grown out of the “fix the world” attitude and is all like “been there, done that” so he doesn’t put much of a fight but Zuko throws a fit and adopts the cat. That’s when Jee realizes the kid has some issues which may or may not be connected with the fact that half of his face is burnt off.

(please click the image for full view!)

I was going to sleep but. No. It’s No.6 Children’s Day and Shion’s birthday so I decided to screw it and wreck my eyes and my sleep schedule and at least doodle something. A happy dream for Shion aka that AU where nobody dies, No.6 is a normal city, Mao Massacre never happened and they grew up together.

Nezumi stomped his lil foot one day and stated that he’s fed up with babysitting his little sister and he wants to be the princess for once. They play some undiscovered version of Cinderella where the prince (played by Shion) kidnaps Cinderella (Nezumi obviously) from her house for science, only to be chased by very loud Fairy Dogmother (starring Inukashi), know-it-all Stepmother (Safu) and two actually pretty cute Stepsisters (Nezumi’s sister and the mouse). At the end of the day they go to Karan’s bakery. Covered in mud, grass and blood, but very happy and ready for muffins.

And so it wouldn’t be all flowers and sunshine, have a song. It’s a very Shion song, I think. Yes, I drew this while listening to it.

So. thesexymaid requested MakoHaru with kiss on the leg. And I think I had a breakthrough. I blame all the pent-up frustration with myself caused by upcoming Free! episodes and the summer ending.

Yes, Makoto has tanlines and freckles (inspired by gabbiegallery's amazing freckled Makoto) and Haru has painted nails because that’s how I like them best. Also as much as romantic this looks, please don’t lay bare-skinned on the sand. You will regret it.

majesticislands asked for Rinharu, kiss on the nose or passionate on the lips, and I went with the latter because I haven’t drawn that sort of kiss in ages.

I want to grant every wish until there’s none left

Sourin with kiss on the shoulder (I was anticipating this, ha) requested by hailtitann

Platonic forehead kiss with Sokka and Toph requested by deansducklips. She’s not actually blushing, she’s just that pissed >:|