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I was tagged by ohlookitscazz and thesexymaid ! i have a lot of feelings about Ai okay

Idk who to tag, so who’d like to show off their desktop you can totally do this. feel tagged. also feel free to show me. I enjoy people’s desktops :3

I’m back from the trip and I started my two-weeks-long internship today so I’ll post something on the weekend, most probably. Also, hello, new followers, I hope you enjoy your stay image

Fem!Reigisa for ohlookitscazz with palettes 32 and 37 because I couldn’t decide which one I like better OTL Also transparent.

Just a little heads-up:

tomorrow I’m leaving for a family trip, will be back in a week. Last couple of days have been pretty busy for me so I didn’t get to finish palette prompts except for one, which I queued for Waterday Wednesday. I’ll get to the three that are left when I’m back and in the meantime you can feel free to send more of them :) Maybe I’ll also finally draw something to celebrate Eternal Summer, goddamnit

Have a nice week!  ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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Here he is~ I started to notice that with every palette the characters get progressively less and less clothes and I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad sign considering that at this moment I have 3 left to do yet

You said “sea”, I thought “beach”, the result is two girlfriends making googly eyes at each other over the third, grumpy one. They probably made fun of her animal prints. They’re transparent. Bless you for this prompt ;-;

So there’s this moment at 0:05 in Dried Up Youthful Fame video. I couldn’t resist. Free! children are killing me.

Sometimes I have these glorious days when I find some sketch I forgot I ever did. Today was one of these days. Now that I try to remember I think I made myself cry while drawing this

Nezumi and Safu giving each other flowers. (Choice of flowers inspired by this post) Because I can. And because I’d want to see their friendship so badly.

Zukaang it is~ Lil’ shits playing with fire. Maybe dancing. Who knows. Also bare-armed Zuko because reasons :|


Another commissioned fic is ready! This one is for the lovely agaricals, who requested modern AU Zukaang fluff. 

This is my first time writing a “Five Times” type of fic and it was lots of fun.

So I already gushed to the Author over the perfection of this fic but. It’s perfect and wonderfully balanced between humor and the lil bit of angst and overall just lovely. Zuko is so painfully awkward it’s amazing. Please go read it especially if you zukaang ;-; Also you can totally consider commissioning her. Look what she can write. Look *hugs the fic*