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Sidebar picture and corner picture belong to me.
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Haru and fem!Frees. Reigisa congratulory kisses and Rinharu… something. They probably gonna do the do in the locker room, judging by Haru’s determination and Rin’s weak will. Also some cat butt, but don’t pay attention to that.

I wanted to try and draw them more or less as they appear in the book but.. they turned out kinda weird. Still, here.

Arabian AU

Basically this is what i’m doing during internship. Drawing angsty Nagisas.

thesexymaid , your fem!Nezushi with palette 71 has arrived. I sure hope you don’t mind me sending them camping and making it all so sappily romantic.

Some more crappy-ness, dumped into one post. Mostly Makorin, some Marinka and Rintori.

These are kinda old and crappy so I just want to get rid of them from my folder before i decide they are too crappy to post. Also I’m sorry I can’t stop drawing boys wearing nailpolish orz

Ai is a baby duckling and needs to be protected at all costs ;-; Rin wants to be a good friend and goes a bit overboard. Sosuke is not impressed.

Rin being a good senpai makes me happy (◡‿◡✿)

Okay so I still haven’t gotten my butt to the palettes (i will, don’t worry) but for now I have some colored Free! sketches to upload. I’ve finally awoken my scanner.